A Very Different Haiti from Today

Author Bernard Diederich reveals the “golden years” of Haiti

In the 1950s, Haiti was another world, gentle and friendly, proud of its past and present. Haiti was different, not Miami Beach or one of the new Caribbean resorts. It was so much more. Explore an unbiased look at the golden age of Haitian history in author Bernard Diederich's book BON PAPA: Haiti's Golden Years .

This book brings to life the “Golden Age” of Haiti in the 1950s. It was the birth of tourism with the launching of Port-au-Prince's bicentennial. This was followed by the Caribbean Nation's 150-anniversary celebration when Haiti stood tall and attracted famous tourists. Those glorious years were chartered in the author's weekly newspaper, the Haiti Sun . he had arrived by accident in Haiti like a Conradian character and launched his paper. It is part of his love story with Haiti
PAPA BON: Haiti 's Golden Years reveals the forgotten history of Haiti , its “golden years”. The Haiti from before is very different from today. By giving an unbiased look at Haiti 's history, it is the author's hope that the citizens of Haiti will make it stand tall and proud among nations once again.

Haiti's Bon Papa
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