The Dictator Beat
. Haiti and the Dominican Republic .

This is the fourth book by Bernard Diederich of his Haiti Sun series. The Dictator Beat is an informal history of the journalist's coverage during the 1960 when he extended his reporting and publishing to include Haiti 's neighbor on the island of Hispaniola .

That year, Dr. François (Papa Doc) Duvalier was well on the way, after only three years in power, to becoming a full-fledged dictator. Papa Doc's Dominican neighbor was one of the last full-fledged dictators. Generalissmo Rafael Trujillo Molina, self-styled Benefactor of his country had ruled with an iron fist since 1930.

As a product of the U.S. occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916-24) Trujillo became Washington 's “son of a bitch” with a powerful Dominican lobby, deep pockets and thanks to U.S. Congressmen and military he was seen as a necessary evil to keep “order” in his country. more

The Dictator Beat
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