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Reporting for this Haiti Sun , and U.S. media, including Associated Press, New York Times, Time-Life as well as NBC News Diederich saw the signs that the end was near for Chapita (Trujillo's nickname from childhood) times had changed even in Washington and Trujillo's crimes had become international with his effort to kill Venezuela's President Romulus Betancourt and the kidnapping of the Basque scholar Jesus Galindez from Manhattan. His massacre of some 15,000 Haitians in 1937 had not caused the outcry that Trujillo 's most recent crimes had, especially the torture killing of survivors of the June 14, 1959 invasion of Dominican exiles from Cuba .

There was at the time, no interaction between Haiti and its neighbor. In fact the Haiti Sun was the rare Haitian newspaper to publish reporting in the Dominican growing crisis.

With heavy sanction by the Organization of American states, the Roman Catholic Church turning against him and Dominican seemingly awakening from 30 year hibernation, the story was one that Diederich decided had to be covered by all means.

“The Fools Of April” [1961] and two other books will be published in 2008 to complete the Haiti Sun series.

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