PAPA DOC , Haiti and its Dictator

Bernard Diederich & Al Burt
Foreword by Graham Greene

Reprint of Penguin Books edition , 1970

In his foreword, Graham Greene says:"No one alive. . .is better qualified than Bernard Diederich to tell the horrifying story of Haiti under the rule of
Dr. Francois Duvalier.

Diederich lived in Haiti for 14 years and he had personal experiences not only of the early Duvalier days but what seems now by contrast to have been a golden period of Magloire rule;he is married to a Haitian and after jail and expulsion by Papa Doc he followed the fortunes of his adopted country from across the border in Santo Domingo. . . This is a very full account of Duvalier's reign which will be indispensable to future historians"

Papa Doc and the Ton Ton Macoutes
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