SOMOZA and the Legacy of U.S. Involvement In Central America.

Reprint of 1980 edition by E.P. Dutton

"More than a biography of the ruthless tyrant, this popularly written book by Time-Life's Mexico bureau chief describes Nicaragua's political, social and economic background, its relations with other Central American countries, and ramifications of the civil war of 1978-79. Diederich shows how, through terror, violence, guile, clever public relsations and manipulation of U.S. diplomats and businessmen, West Point graduate Anastasio Somoza Debayle, who had inherited control of the country from his father, established relationships with several U.S. presidents, maintained power for 20 years and built a huge personal fortune. There is a lesson here for those Americans who believe that the United States should continue to support 'friendly' dictators."

Publishers Weekly

Somoza and the Legacy of US Involvement in Central America
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